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Buying Guide for Used Cars

31 August 2016
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Not every would-be car buyer is in a position to afford a brand new car by the time they need to own one. That's what makes the used car market a great alternative. With only a fraction of the total amount required to purchase a new car, cash-constrained car buyers can get some good wheels. But due care must be exercised when purchasing a used car because you are not its first owner. If you are a greenhorn at buying used cars, follow these tips to make sure you stay happy with the vehicle you put your money in.

Choose a car built to suit your needs

Contrary to what many people may think, getting the greatest discount is not the number-one thing you should consider when shopping around for a used car. Getting a car that suits your needs is. Do you need a car with 4WD capabilities so that you can traverse challenging landscapes or pull a trailer behind it? Or maybe you need a car with a certain passenger capacity so that you can drop off your little ones to school as you head to the office in the morning. No matter the case, your purchase decision should be guided by your needs. When you find a car that promises to meet your requirements, you can be sure to be satisfied with the service you get from it.

Have the car inspected

A critical step in the purchase process that many used car buyers sometimes overlook is performing a pre-purchase inspection. The inspection is important as it can reveal problems that may not be noticeable when you take the car you want to buy for a quick test spin. Sure the car may look well-cared for and sound good, but its underside might be starting to catch rust or transmission problems might be impending. These are just some of the many costly issues you might not be able to spot unless you ask a competent mechanic to check out the vehicle prior to its purchase. Don't perceive a pre-purchase car inspection as just another addition to the total cost of car ownership that you need to avoid. Instead, consider it to be a small investment that will go a long way in safeguarding a much bigger investment in your personal transportation.

Get a car history report

So you can avoid facing legal problems resulting from the purchase of a used car, it is essential that you perform a search on the car's history. The car history report can help disclose if the previous owner of the car owes financiers some payment, someone has reported the car stolen, the insurance office has written off the car, etc. 

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