Boat Maintenance: All About Boat Detailing and Why You Should Consider It

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Boat Maintenance: All About Boat Detailing and Why You Should Consider It

13 September 2016
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Boats are often exposed to harsh environments which fade the paint on outer surfaces, dim the shine of metals, and dull the fiberglass surfaces. Winter storage also leaves boats unattended for months, and this can affect their appearance and performance if they are not adequately prepared for storage. A poorly maintained boat can age faster, perform inefficiently, or even cost you expensive repairs. It is essential to maintain this investment so as to prolong its usable life.

One of the key maintenance requirements is boat detailing. Read on to find out more about boat detailing procedures, its benefits, and why you should include it in your boat maintenance plan.

What is boat detailing?

Boat detailing is a procedure that involves refurbishing the exposed surfaces of the vessel to improve their appearance. The process may involve washing, cleaning, waxing, sanding, polishing and painting different areas of the boat. The procedures performed during boat detailing are varied since boat surfaces are made from various materials such as fiberglass, stainless steel, canvas, gel coats or even mahogany wood. The result of boat detailing is that the surfaces are clean, smoothed and refurbished with the appropriate furnish and finishing techniques to give it a new and appealing look.

What are the benefits of boat detailing?

Boat detailing is an essential procedure that every boat owner should consider performing regularly. Not only does it improve the appearance of the boat, but it also increases its usable life. When boats are exposed to UV radiation and saline environments, the furnishing on the surface begins to fade and wear off with time. Metal surfaces and components can corrode as a result, and this will affect their performance over time. With detailing, the surfaces are refurbished, and this increases their resilience to the harsh environments.

Also, before detailing work, your boat will be inspected for any defects and worn out components. Necessary repairs will be undertaken to ensure optimal performance. For this reason, regular detailing allows you to keep your boat in top notch working condition by ensuring that all components are in proper shape. It can save you from making costly repairs that would not have identified on time.

How often should you detail?

Boat detailing should be done regularly regardless of whether you use the boat that often. However, it is particularly necessary after every boating season and before storing the boat for winter. The thorough cleaning helps to get rid of all traces of salty water which can corrode and ruin metal surfaces. It also gets rid of the dirt, mud, and other debris that can deteriorate the paint and gel on the surface.

Boat detailing can extend the life of your boat and maintain its appearance. For the best results, always seek the services of a professional as opposed to DIY detailing. Experienced boat repair and detailing experts have the necessary techniques and equipment to deliver an impressive and satisfactory boat detailing job.