Hatchback vs Sedan: Key Considerations to Think About

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Hatchback vs Sedan: Key Considerations to Think About

17 January 2017
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Whether you're looking for a new vehicle or a used one, the body type is going to be a very important consideration. There are plenty from which to choose, from subcompact to full-size SUV, but many people find themselves struggling with the decision between hatchback and sedan.

Each body style comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. Use this quick guide of key considerations to help yourself choose.

Interior Space

When you're trying to choose between a sedan or a hatchback, it makes sense to make cargo space your key concern; after all, it is in the cargo area that the two styles really differ. Hatchbacks have cargo areas that are opened through a gate that is hinged above the rear window. In a sedan, that trunk access point is hinged below the rear window.

It's a seemingly small detail with large repercussions. Because the construction of a hatchback results in an extended roofline and much larger cargo opening, you get far more storage room with a hatchback. There isn't as much of a divide between passenger area and cargo area, so hatchbacks are smaller vehicles that can still carry larger, bulkier items in the rear.

Passenger Space

Hatchbacks are ideal if you want to frequently carry larger items or more stuff, especially if you'd prefer to drive something smaller than an SUV or crossover. Be that as it may, hatchbacks do miss out on the passenger space you'd expect from a sedan.

Sedans are noticeably longer than hatchbacks. There's typically still plenty of leg room in the front of a hatchback, but sedans will almost always provide more leg room for those in the rear. This is why they make such popular family cars, especially for those with older children. You'll also find a sedan more suitable if you frequently need to drive around more than one client or colleague for work.


Since hatchbacks aren't as long as sedans, you might expect them to be more agile. However, this is not the case. Sedans boast a longer and often wider wheelbase, plus a lower centre of gravity, so you'll feel more confident when you drive into sharper turns. Hatchbacks have a higher centre of gravity and do not distribute their weight so evenly.

On the other hand, hatchbacks are usually nicer to drive in the city purely because they offer shorter bonnets and overhangs. That makes manoeuvring a lot easier when you're dealing with very busy streets and smaller parking spaces.