Important Tips for First-Time Car Buyers

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Important Tips for First-Time Car Buyers

22 September 2016
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Getting your first car is often an exciting experience. But it can also be overwhelming if you do not know how to properly go about the purchase process. Here are a number of useful tips you should keep in mind.

Can you afford the car?

Contrary to what several first-time car buyers might think, affording a car is not simply a matter of being able to raise enough funds to meet the invoice price of the vehicle. Once your name has been written in the log book, the car's full ownership rights are transferred to you. But you will also take over all responsibilities associated with maintaining and repairing the vehicle. Therefore, make sure to ask your car dealership about the gas mileage, typical repair costs, oil change intervals, and any other thing that may require you to spend money. This way, you can evaluate whether or not you can keep the vehicle running properly over its lifespan.

The most economical way to own a car is to buy it using your own finance. If you can't raise the full amount of the invoice price, you may need to obtain a loan. Look for a financier that charges the best interest rate and offers favourable lending terms. This may require that you make comparisons of loan products offered by different financiers. Make your down payment as large as possible so you can keep down the interest you pay for the loan.

Are you buying new or used?

As a car buyer, you have the option to buy a brand new car or go for a used one. Generally, new cars have a greater performance guarantee as compared to used ones. This is because the first person to own a new car is in effect its first user. Hence, there are no worries because everything is in mint condition.

When price is favoured, it makes good sense buying a used car, as it generally costs less to buy used items. However, that does not mean you should overlook the importance of getting yourself a high performance car. Despite already covering some mileage, a used car should still be able to serve you well. Find out everything you can about the car, including its maintenance history, the number of past owners, or if the car has previously been involved in an accident. This will help you accurately evaluate the "as is" condition of the car.

For more information, contact an auto dealer.