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I don't have much money, but I do need to get a car. Every time I go for a job, they ask if I have a car so that I can get into work, but it's a bit of a catch 22 when you need a job to save up for a car. I am looking around at different options for getting loans or looking at different ways to get my hands on a car. This blog is all about finding a cheap car and finding ways to finance it when you don't have a job or much money as a deposit.


Important Tips for First-Time Car Buyers

22 September 2016
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Getting your first car is often an exciting experience. But it can also be overwhelming if you do not know how to properly go about the purchase process. Here are a number of useful tips you should keep in mind. Can you afford the car? Contrary to what several first-time car buyers might think, affording a car is not simply a matter of being able to raise enough funds to meet the invoice price of the vehicle. Read More …

Factors to Weigh Before Buying Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars

15 September 2016
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Many factors should be considered when deciding whether you should buy a used or certified pre-owned luxury car. This article discusses some of those key factors that will help you to make the right choice. What is the Difference? A certified pre-owned luxury car is a car whose manufacturer has inspected and certified it before it is put up for sale after being owned by its original buyer. The luxury car may also be certified by an auto repair shop that is approved by the carmaker. Read More …

Boat Maintenance: All About Boat Detailing and Why You Should Consider It

13 September 2016
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Boats are often exposed to harsh environments which fade the paint on outer surfaces, dim the shine of metals, and dull the fiberglass surfaces. Winter storage also leaves boats unattended for months, and this can affect their appearance and performance if they are not adequately prepared for storage. A poorly maintained boat can age faster, perform inefficiently, or even cost you expensive repairs. It is essential to maintain this investment so as to prolong its usable life. Read More …

Buying Guide for Used Cars

31 August 2016
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Not every would-be car buyer is in a position to afford a brand new car by the time they need to own one. That's what makes the used car market a great alternative. With only a fraction of the total amount required to purchase a new car, cash-constrained car buyers can get some good wheels. But due care must be exercised when purchasing a used car because you are not its first owner. Read More …